we are working on a new patch for season 18/19, we will start working on a new system and graphics for both pes 2017 and 2018. to avoid mix up and confusion, only full versions will be made.
我们正在为一个新的补丁为第18/19季,我们将开始工作的新系统和图形为PES 2017和2018。为了避免混淆和混淆,只有完整的版本才会被制作出来。

this patch is themed and we call it (EXECO), the name have a lot of hidden meanings and same as all the backgrounds that are created by friends specifically for this patch.

below you can find the patch progress and notes, and we will update and add more information here as we go.

Restructure the patch system files
(progress 70%)


this version have newly created system files, including revision of the teams tactics and formations and other deep game files

Updated leagues (promotions-regulations)
(progress 60%)


all European leagues is being updated for the new season 18/19, relegated and promoted teams are being put in their respective leagues

Added new promoted teams
(progress 60%)


new teams promoted and not i the patch is replacing the teams that got relegated to inferior leagues, this teams will have real kits, logo, squads and other team attributes.

Added new classic team
(progress 80%)


in pes 2018, we had only one free slot to add new team to the patch, we have chosen to add a new classic team that includes some missing players such as drogba, forlan, and other newly retired players.
no name assigned to this team yet, will have unique kits and logo similar to the style of the other classic teams already added to the patch.

在PES 2018中,我们只有一个免费的插槽来添加新的球队到补丁,我们选择添加一个新的经典团队,其中包括一些失踪的球员,如德罗巴,福兰,和其他新退休的球员。

Added stadium ad-boards
(progress 80%)


for pes 2018, we are converting ad-boards from our work for pes 2017, this ad-boards includes world cup, general, and other league specific ad-boards
对于PES 2018,我们正在从我们的PES 2017转换广告板,这个广告板包括世界杯,一般,和其他联赛特定广告板。

Added high quality sleeve badges
(progress 80%)


the patch already had HQ sleeve badges in it but is not activated due to some technical reasons, now we are reworking them and will have them ready and working for all major leagues.

Added 3 new stadiums
(progress 90%)


we could not yet convert our stadiums from pes 2017 to 2018, and this might not even happen at all due to the difference in the system files, until we can do so, we are adding 3 new stadium credited and made by Durandil, special thanks for that.
我们还不能把我们的体育场从PES 2017转换到2018,这可能根本不会因为系统文件的不同而发生,直到我们能够做到这一点,我们增加了3个新的体育场,并由Durandil,特别感谢。

stadiums added:
1. Allianz Arena - germany
2. Old Trafford - england
3. Allianz Stadium - italy


Added mini-faces
(total added so far: 11.183)


mini faces (formation picture) have a hug update, we have added thousands of new minifaces, this will make master league mode more enjoyable.

Added faces:
(total added so far: 750)
as you might know, in pes 2018 the faces system is changed, and we cannot use the faces from pes 2017, so the number of real faces is limited to what the good quality facemakers can provide, we added as much as we can and the number might get higher as we progress.

正如你可能知道的,在PES 2018中,脸部系统被改变了,我们不能使用PES 2017的面部,所以真实脸部的数量受限于高质量的面面师可以提供的东西,我们尽可能多地增加,并且随着我们的进步,这个数字可能会越来越高。

Added reset tool
(progress 100%)


this version have new features included by default, we have created and included and reset tool that you can use to remove music or other options if you would want to. this tool will be found in the game directory folder.


- this patch is being developed for pes 2018, we might convert it and make a version for pes 2017 if we have enough users still playing pes 2017, we will decide this in the near future.